august 04, 2011

See ya in a week

I'm going to see my grandma in the country and I'm gonna stay a week or so aaand I won't have the internet privileges around there so I won't be able to post anything...

Some changes in Sketchofrenia stuff:
I'm gonna start drawing the commisions earlier, because I won't have anything else to do out there, I'm gonna take my old shitty laptop full of dirty stickers and my graphic tablet and arm myself with a lot of patience and all that kind of shit.Updates on the drawing progress will be impossible, only after I'll get back, on 11th of August.

So, I'll see you guys back in a week with a whole lot of updates and interesting countryside stories!
Cheers for that,

P.S. Sorry I haven't drawn any comic for this day by day situation...I was just TOO LAZY TO DO THAT!
P.P.S Wolfie, for a week you are the prime administrator for this.Post whatever you want and invite any people to read our blog, I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can.

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