august 13, 2011

I am back!

I am back from the country side!!! At last, after a week without hot water or a normal life style.At least they have TV and good food out there, otherwise I wouldn't have survived this long....
As you all know, I took my laptop and graphic tablet with me and drawn like a madman for Sketchofrenia!With 3 more days of this event I've already drawn 4 out of 6 drawings.I will post them later on the blog, as an independent post each of them.
So, Roswitha and David, your artwork is in progress and by the end of 15 August you'll have them + the speedpaint.

Oh the speedpaints will be posted on my Youtube Channel, so anyone can watch them.Also, I'll post them later on.GOD! There are SO many things to post now...

See ya later aligator,

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