iulie 25, 2011

Sketchofrenia! (CLOSED!)


The commission madness is here! And yes, it's all free. Sign up now for a commission slot! Your chance to ask an artist to draw something for you! A speedpaint will be done for each, too.

There are a total of 6 commission slots from today, 25 July.

How to sign up for the slots? Send an email to our box at cheezmomentums@gmail.com with the subject "Sketchofrenia" and a description of what you want drawn.

Note that your description may be as short as "Draw me a " to as complex as a page from one of Dostoyevsky's novels.

Artworking details from Cheez
The artworks will be done in Photoshop CS5 after a series of sketches to familiarize myself with the idea.After it's finished I will post it on the blog along with the speedpaint for it.If I am your friendly neighbour(meaning you live in Constanta or around it) I can print it out for you on sizes from A5 to A2 (please do mention that before I start drawing, just to know on what resolution I'll be working).If the result is satisfying for me as well as for you, I will add it to my portfolio on Carbonmade , that is alexandercheez.carbonmade.com , which is empty right now. All the drawing will be done from 8 to 15 of August.

Due to problems of logistic nature, both the speedpaints and the artwork will be posted after the period has ended. (Again, we cannot pin-point the date, but they will be posted as soon as the 'problem' clears)

If all slots are not occupied and the 8th of August is reached, don't worry! You can still sign up, even during the period itself.

For this commission series, we have assembled a temporary TOS (Terms Of Service). This states that first, we have the right to turn down any request that we might find offensive (e.g. nothing that takes any religion or any racial differences in vain). You may not ask for the drawing to be made in someone else's style (that means no manga). Blatant pornography will not be drawn, but erotica/nudes are okay. If you ask for a drawing of another artist/writer's character, you will need to prove first that he has nothing against that (this excludes cultural landmarks and items, e.g. Star Wars, internet memes and so on). Additionally, the number of slots means that after that number of requests -chronologically-, all other will be ignored (those which do not submit to the TOS will also be ignored). The items of this temporary TOS are subject to change and are only in effect for this commission series.

Do hurry before all six slots are taken!

P.S.: only for this commission series, you CAN contact either of us on Yahoo! Messenger to ask for a slot -considering there are some still left-, even though we prefer you'd use the above stated email. Thank you for your understanding!

SLOT 1 : Taken by Moki Bird

SLOT 2 : Taken by Radu Bradu

SLOT 3 : Taken by Ada Puff

SLOT 4 : Taken by Vlad Iulian

SLOT 5 : Taken by Roswitha

SLOT 6 : Taken by David

AND THAT IS ALL, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your time!

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