iulie 27, 2011

Sketchofrenia is CLOSED

Oh , we weren't expecting this , not at all...All 6 slots were occupied after just 2 hours and 15 minutes since we made Sketchofrenia public.It was a total success!I'm sincerely sorry for people who just didn't had enough luck or haven't been fast enough to occupy a slot.Maybe next time, folks!

The final list is:
SLOT 1 : Taken by Moki Bird with "Cats and rats"
SLOT 2 : Taken by Radu Bradu wih HIMSELF
SLOT 3 : Taken by Ada Puff with Stewie Griffin
SLOT 4 : Taken by Vlad Iulian with "Emperor Vlad(?)"
SLOT 5 : Taken by Roswitha with herself with wings i guess
SLOT 6 : Taken by David with "World domination"

Be sure to stay tuned on updates on the artworks, surprises and more! We'll have all the artwork posted on 15 August 

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