iulie 04, 2011

It eclipses the very sun!

Helping my old ones did pay off after all.At their workplace they had an old rusty DRAWING BOARD!When I saw it I was "Godfuckdamnit why you haven't told me that you've got pure awesomeness hiding in there?". Anyways , it is VERY HEAVY and VERY BIG , so we had to dismember it and transport it home with my dad's car.Finally after excruciating pain carrying it to the car and from the car to my room , we assembled it in front of the window. And guess what? It ECLIPSED THE SUN!!!

Meh , had to do some rearrangements in there so it could fit...

Haha , I'm sooo happy with it , just finished my architecture homework on it and works just FINEEE!!! 

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