iulie 06, 2011

Architecture time chase

Damn architecture! My teacher still thinks I'm kind of slow at isometric axonometries (click here to find out wtf is that) and that I should work on that problem and start to draw faster and more correct 'cause no matter what I do I still get milimetric errors.

So..today I want to make my homework in maximum 5 hours.It is consisted of 2 views (from above and from the front) , one section through the volume and one isometric axonometry and an aerial perspective(click for definition) for presenting my proposal.The information given by the paper is just an orizontal section through the volume , I have to propose a building for the section to be true.

After I'm done I'll post the homework paper and the finished proposal.Wish me luck!I have almost 5 hours of work waiting for me...

This is the workpaper.
Finished it in 4 hours and a half , with 30 minutes left (for shadows if it was a real exam). Pretty damn proud of myself.

Click on the pictures to see them in full view.
Now that I finished the homework..I'll draw some comics and gonna post something more complex tomorrow when I'll have more time.
'Till next time , see ya!

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