iunie 30, 2011

Lineart work simplified

This is the second post for today since tomorrow I'm busy and I won't have the chance to log in.Found today just before the power run off (myea... Cumpana sucks) a tutorial for comic artists about coloring scanned linearts in Photoshop.

Heres the link: http://www.melissaevans.com/tutorials/colouring-line-art

I'm totally not assuming this tutorial is mine , found it while I was google-ing for some new colouring techniques and considered it very useful.
And by the way I HATE second hand photoshop users that post totally useless tutorials like: how to make a flame in photoshop or how to make a drop of water using the pen tool(I see these kind of things on romanian tutorial sites).That's a load of bullshit.

Edit from Wolfie: edited the link. Hope it works for you.

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